Can account be signed based on past trades? I think they should be able to


The idea here is that if I completed a trade with a trader who got signed at a later date, shouldn’t that also qualify my account to be signed retroactively so to speak?

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No, if your account is 300 days old but not signed and today you decide to take a trade from a seller that is signed, after completing this trade your account will be considered signed as of today. So you’d have to wait 30 days for limits to be lifted.

Hope that helps.

Perhaps I should have phrased my post title differently, but this is more of a wishful thinking than a question. I mean, why not make it so? If I’ve traded with them in the past, and now they are signed, wouldn’t that mean that my account also “deserves” to be signed? I think it would. After all, I have completed a trade with a trusted account. Yes, it wasn’t trusted then, but it is now, and our trade still took place.

It would also be better for everyone else trying to get signed. Much better than to have to take orders at 10-15% markup from those already signed and taking advantage of the others looking to get signed.

Sure, i see what you mean. I would encourage you to join our channels so that we can discuss it with a broader audience. it’s an interesting idea and I’d have to give it some thought. Not sure whether this could be abused. The more people we can get signed the better it is for the entire platform.