Can I add my altcoin for myself?

I understand I can get a support for adding a new altcoin if the coin meets the requirements.
By the way, my altcoin doesn’t meet the requirement but I’d like to add the altcoin for my purpose for myself.

Can I add my altcoin for myself? I think this is an open source project so that I may change the program, right?
Is there any big thing that I should know if I do it for myself? (legal thing or etc.)

Can anybody give me a hint about what I have to do if I want to add my altcoin on the bitsquare?
If I know the philosophical steps or detailed functions names, it will be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

The simple answer is No.

If you create a new version you’ll be the only person who can see that coin.

Oh, I see.
But the system is not clear to me. I’m a newbie in the altcoin world.

I will explain what I want to do first.
I’d like to make a exchange market with a modified-bitsquare on my server.
The modified version can deal with my own altcoin.
The people who use my altcoin (maybe my friends or my customers) will visit the market.
Of course the people have their wallets with proper daemon

  1. Can I do it?
  2. Is there any important thing that I shoud not do?
  3. How can I do it or which part of the program should be modified?

It can be a silly question to someone, but I don’t fully understand the altcoin world yet and I am somewhat confused.

Here’s the thing: programming isn’t a trivial exercise. If you need to ask such basic questions then it’s too early for you to change the program.

Since it seems you want to use a unique token, I assume the application is gambling. Ether (ETH) contracts can be used for that, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Also consider that with a small customer base the effort of making a unique system could be out of proportion with the rewards.

Now I’m willing to answer more questions but you will need to be straight about what you intend to do first, otherwise it’s too difficult to guess what advice is appropriate. Also be aware that developer time is limited, out primary goal is to improve Bitsquare.

The basic legal things are covered in a file called LICENCE in the root directory of the code. The program is written in Java language.

The requirements are pretty low, so why should your coind not fit?
To add it yourslef is pointless as nobody else will have it then, but you would create confusion if people see an offer with a coind which they dont have, so please dont do that.
EDIT: have not read the follow up posts when posting that…