Can I buy BTCs through Zelle and Citibank?

When I try to by BTCs using bisq-0.6.1, I see an information message saying that “You need to have a bank account at one of the following member banks” and Citibank isn’t in the list. I would like to know if it is possible or not to buy BTCs through Zelle and Citi.

We had many troubles with banks which are not member banks so we added that requirement that it is only allowed to use Zelle with those member banks listed. I am not sure if they have improved their system in the meantime to suppot more banks reliable. If anyone could investigate would be great.
So to answer your question. No that banks is currently not supported.

I investigated and I see that Citi enabled payments with Zelle since June.
I’ve just sent money using Zelle from my Citi account to a friend phone number with a Zelle account associated to Bank of America without any issue.


Would a bank like USAA be supported by your exchange? (Edit: Wire transfers primarily)

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@ManfredKarrer , I completed successfully three trades using Zelle so I think you might include Citibank in the list of member banks. Let me know if you need any additional information.
PD: Thanks for creating this amazing application.
More information:

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