Can I fund my new bisq acct with U.S. dollars

Cant seem to fund my new acct with u.s. dollars and buy coins. Do you really have to already have bitcoins to make trades here? Weird Do I need to fund a new wallet with u.s. $ ?? I am a new player to all this. thanks

Welcome :slight_smile:
Bisq is decentralized exchange, so you can’t deposit your dollars anywhere unless you are already making a trade. You send dollars and other national currency to the trader when you take his offer or when a trader takes your offer.

Yes. Not a lot, just some for the security deposit. Alternatively you can trade if you have some other base currency instead, like Litecoin or Dash, but that requires you to change the base currency in the settings.

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Silly but how do I get a bitcoin for security deposit if I have no type of coin currency just U.S dollars. How would I get started? Probably simple but I dont get it. thanks

Buy a small amount from a friend or localbitcoinsDOTcom.
Yes its unfortunate, but but you need some bitcoin for security and trustless multisig features of bitcoin.

Yes. You can also ask a friend to lend you some coins if he is not looking to sell them.
You can also check out the #support:starter-package category on this forum, where people might wish to lend you coins.

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It depends where are you.
If You are in the USA, It is really easy.
But DON’T use local bitcoins!
Use bitquick
or use wall of coins
Both really easy to use and safe.
Welcome to Bisq!