Can I open a dispute before transaction time limit?

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So I started my first transaction on BitSquare. I waited for about a day for block confirmations. Finally got the message saying that I could go through with payment to the bitcoin seller using payment method: ClearXchange.

However, when I went to clearxchange and input the seller’s info, the service says that he is not eligible to receive money with clearxchange. I would like to be able to contact the arbitrator to let him know of the situation, but according to the system, I have to wait for the maximum allowed transaction time (or half of it) to pass and then I and the seller will get the change to open a dispute.

I am concerned that if the seller gets to open dispute first for not receiving payment and contact the arbitrator, that I will loose my deposit even though he is the one not properly setup to receive payment. I would like to do ‘cmd+o’ but bitsquare says that I should only do that if there is a software bug!

Do I have no choice but to wait? Are there any other options open to me for contacting the arbitrator ASAP? Could I do ‘cmd+o’ and state a “lack of ability to comunicate” as a software bug? What’s the appropriate course of action here?

Thank you

I wouldn’t worry about the seller opening a dispute first. Arbitrator would very likely try to contact you before closing a dispute. So I guess do as it is instructed and wait for the transaction time to pass.

Yes please open a dispute if you cannot send the USD. ClearXchange unfortunately seems to require that on users has an account of the major 3 banks (see thread about ClearXchange). We are still investigating and need more clear info.
Only in case of protocol violations the security deposit is lost to the peer. So no worry if you did not do anything wrong with bad intention there is no riks that u lose anything.

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So then, should I do “cmd+o” to contact the arbitrator (as a support ticket), or should I wait for the transaction time to pass and the dispute button to show on its own? (my understanding was that ‘cmd+o’ doesn’t open a dispute, but a software support issue…)
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Yes, open a dispute with cmd+o or ctrl+o. Support ticket is, I believe, technically the same thing as a dispute, just in different context.

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I am also in this same boat. I emailed the seller, and clicked the button I had initiated payment and copied the error message to him.

Hast his always been the case with the 3 major banks, or is this a recent development?

So… I just spoke with clearXchange. This is what I understand of how their system is set up:

If you are registered to CXC, but your bank is not one of the seven member banks, then you can only send to one of three banks: Chase, Bank of America, or US Bank.

If instead your bank is one of the seven member banks, you can send to non-member banks.

Perhaps the next bitsquare update can include this info when you are creating national currency accounts, and make a note when you are trying to start a trade.

I just learned about this on my third attempt at a trade, because I had to call the clearXchange customer support to get an explanation of why this was happening…

So… it seems that, basically, if you want to be sure you dont have any problems when using CXC, you need a bank account with one of the three banks I mentioned above… But I havent been able to put that to the test yet.

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Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to post about it (+some other stuff) later.

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So, its not good to use ClearXchange? I don’t see people using it. I just see mostly SEPA.

It’s good (and safe) to use if you fulfil the requirements (eg. your bank is a cXc network bank). If you can’t find an offer that you like set one (or more) up yourself.

I assume that widespread use of SEPA vs cXc is a different historical banking environment and understanding in Europe vs USA:

Europe: Reliable and cheap (free) ‘wire’ transfers. Checks aren’t used nearly as much in Europe and neither are credit cards that are trivial to chargeback. You could say that Euros have more ‘trust’ or confidence in their fiat transfers.