Can I restore trading history?

I’ve been trading with the Bisq application for about two years. Have traded something like 10 or 20 bitcoins total.

A few days ago, I switched to a new computer and deleted all of my old account information and then formatted my old hard drive. I emptied my wallet first (and also kept the wallet seed) so no bitcoins were lost, but I have lost my entire Bisq trading history. Now, my maximum trade limit is 0.0625 BTC.

Is there any way to restore that old information or get back the higher trading limit?

Did you save your old Bisq directory before formating ?

It doesn’t sound like it could be easily recovered, unless you try to recover your old data directory with some data recovery tools, but they are likely to be corrupted if recovered.

There are ways of transferring the account age from an old account, but it requires the old data directory. It seems like the simplest solution for you would be to simply wait two months before you get your full trading limit back.

I didn’t save anything and wasn’t doing full disk backups. (All of my important data is backed up in various cloud repositories.)

It should in theory be possible to link a wallet seed (which I do have) with transactions on the blockchain, and it should then be possible to confirm that those transactions originated at Bisq. So, in theory, the act of restoring a wallet from the seed in Bisq could cause an earlier start date to be set for that account. Not sure how practical that would be, though.

The protocol looks up account age with certain data that is lost now and there is no way for you to recover the old account age unfortunately.

Thank you for the definitive answer!