Carry over account age witness to new data directory


If you move to a new data directory you need to export your account data and re-import it again. That will copy over the salt used for the account age witness which determines your trade limit (1 month 0.0625 BTC, 2. month 0.125 BTC, afterwards 0.25 BTC).
Unfortunately I overlooked another important part when I implemented that feature: The signature pubKey is also used in the hash for the account age witness.
So to successfully transfer your account without starting with the 1 month limit again you need to copy over the signature key. You can do that only if you do not have any offers, trades or disputes open!
If that is the case shut down Bisq, go to the data directory of the old app and copy the sig.key.
The path is:

[PATH TO DATA DIR]/btc_mainnet/keys/sig.key 

Add it to the new data directory (back up old first) and start Bisq again. Then the account age should be the same as you have seen in the old app if you select the payment method.

I will try to find a more convenient way to do that in future.

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By that you mean reinstalling the bisq appli on another machine (ie on another hard disk), but with the same IP address,
or you mean reinstalling the bisq appli on another machine + eventually another IP address ?
(or just playing with the ~/.local/share/Bisq directory)


No, you can replace the data directory with a new one. See Switching to a new data directory

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