Trade is hungup on 1st step, restarting Bisq resets "remaining time" - Taker fee published, funds locked!

I accepted a trade ~5 hrs ago with funds locked. After 5 hrs, transaction has not been published on the chain and the Trade Process is still stuck at first step!

When I restart the app, the “Remaining Time” resets to the current time (equal to time when Bisq restarted).
(Update: Remaining Time keeps resetting to the current time about every minute, WHILE Bisq is open!)

This is very odd. I have never seen this issue before.

Any recommendations? (My funds are stuck).

Trade ID is not published: 7cc7e98091982ddf92e1f2debcb06b888f9dfac1c962d49687041e5a4912f046

Maker fee not published.
Taker fee published (46 confirmations): 792a1fd6e664e0d2994f275b2f55da9d2e810636cb33dfcebac1a744536293e4
Deposit Tx ID: not published

Your security deposit never left your wallet, so you don’t need to worry about that.
It seems like the maker is having some issues with his side of the fee.

You can contact @cbeams about your lost taker fee if that is your concern. Other than that you can just delete the SPV chain file in the Settings and restart your Bisq client to show you the correct balance if your security deposit is not showing.

I deleted SPV chain and followed all instructions for start and restart of Bisq, twice.
I still see the transaction that was stuck. It’s stuck in the same state “Wait for blockchain confirmation”. Remaining Time keeps being updated to current time every 30 seconds or so.

Locked in trade still shows: 0.01 (I have no other trades open).

Is there anything else I can do?

This issue had to happen right when Btc prices are lowest…that’s irritating. Can I still make other trades while the current issue is resolved?

Here you have a visual explanation about yesterday’s bitcoin network big delays :,24h
… seems you were not alone interested at this moment.

If I were you, I would avoid engaging other trades before any problematic previous one is resolved. Especially if the congestion in the BTC network still prolongates. You may just add a second problematic tx, which will arrange nothing.
Or at least, verify the congestion before.
Bitcoin is here for a moment, trading opportunities won’t miss.

If you want to trade, but are not in a hurry, it is useful to look at the BTC congestion graphics before deciding, or not, to jump in the water.

Try using an emergency wallet tool by pressing alt+e and withdraw your security deposit.
You can probably trade safely because the issue seems to be with the maker, not you.

You can always have multiple trades open in Bisq, so you can go ahead and take another one if you wish.

Update: Issue is resolved by arbitrator.

Thanks for the tip. The issue could have been congestion, but more likely it’s something else. Even if transactions are unconfirmed they would still appear as “posted”. Mine wasn’t even posted. I opened 2 other trades since, and these are being delayed due to mempool backlog

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Do you have Bitcoin Core running?
See Bitcoin Core pruned mode

Hi, I’m running only Bisq. I am not a BtC node.
The issue was resolved, but arbitrator had to cancel the trade. Only then, did the hung up session disappear.
Thank you.

I initiated a trade with the same trader again today, and I encountered the same issue!

Also, when I wanted to withdraw the funds from Bisq to my wallet, similar issue happened.

In both cases, the Transaction does not post on the chain!!!

If you want help you should be more precise.
What does “does not post on the chain mean” ?
0 balance for the emitter address ?
0 balance for the receiver address ?
0 balance on both addresses ?

Can you post the onion address of the trader here please?
Issue seems to be with that trader and his maker fees not getting published, I don’t think you can do anything about that on your end except choose not to trade with that peer.

As for the withdrawal issue, that seems to be a problem on your end, but these are luckily easier to solve, since you don’t need to get in contact with the arbitrator.
There are many ways you can withdraw funds from Bisq and some are failsafe, so there is nothing to worry about. I wrote more in detail about this in your other topic. :slight_smile:

Alexej, thank you for your response. It’s helpful.
Onion address of the trader: p2swmtnvhjju7rpq.onion:9999

I’ll have a look at the other post on how to recover funds.

Ok. So…after SPV delete, funds were recovered.

Deposit Transaction ID disappeared. (see screen shot). I used alt-o to initiate support with arbitrator, which states following:

“The deposit transaction was not stored in the trade. Please selet one of the existing multisig transactions from your wallet which was the deposit transaction used in the failed trade. You can find the correct transactions by opening trade details window…(the address starts with 3)…Thta transaction ID should be visible in the list presented there…” There is then drop down list with multiple addresses.

I can’t find the transaction I’m asked to select form the dropdown list. see screen shots…

How do I get rid of the “hung” Open Trade?

Hm, I am not sure. Since you recovered your funds it might just be easier to rename your data directory and let Bisq create a new one and boot up just like it is freshly installed for the first time.

If you want to carry over your account age, you can read more about it here

The instructions say that there should be no offers, or disputes open.
Based on pictures, I do have a trade OPEN.

Should I still go ahead and create a new directory?

If you have your security deposit secured there is nothing to worry about, you can’t really lose anything. That trade will disappear once you create a new directory, which is why there is such warning, but in this case it seems to be exactly what you want.

It is still a good idea to rename the data directory instead of deleting it, just in case.

Is the open trade a failed trade or a normal open trade? if a normal pending trade you need to complete that first. if it was a failed trade you can ignore it.