Please help! BTC gone?: After application freeze at shutdown current offer no longer visible in available offers and can no longer be edited or deleted from "Portfolio/My Open Offers"

After experiencing various problems/bugs and wasting fees for failed orders now this (no, not funny at all :worried:):

I’ve created an offer to sell BTC using bisq 1.1.0. After running bisq for a while with nobody taking my offer (possibly due to the bug fixed in bisq 1.1.1) I decided to shut down the application.

But the application did not shut down. I waited for ages to allow for a smooth shutdown, but the appli was apparently frozen, so I had to terminate it forcefully.

The next time I started up bisq, my BTC sell order had vanished from the order book of available offers. It still appears under “Portfolio/My Open Offers”, but when I try to deactivate, edit or delete the offer a warning dialog appears - “Deactivating of offer failed: Remove offer failed” or “Remove offer failed: Remove offer failed”.

It is no longer possible to change the offer, but my BTC are locked up in it (order fully funded from wallet).

Are my BTC now gone? Please help.

As a (possibly unrelated?) side note: I also experience the problems described in Error at traderSignAndFinalizeDisputedPayoutTx · Issue #2808 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub and Never ending "awaiting blocks" · Issue #2800 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub (the latter with no apparent side effect other than that some BISQ/DAO data are missing).

Can nobody help me?
Is there a way to restore my offer to a functional state or release the locked up BTC?

Arbitrators for the offer: s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999, my4t3kedin7k63a6.onion:9999


I’ve the same problem.

Can’t delete “Sell Offer”

Same Arbitrators: s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999, my4t3kedin7k63a6.onion:9999

I found out that I could use the emergency recovery tool by pressing crtl+e when navigated to “Funds/Reserved Funds”.

This way I could at least recover all funds in my wallet by sending them to a new address (without the fees of course :slightly_frowning_face:).

The corrupted offer is still listed in “Reserved Funds” and “Portfolio/My Open Offers” now, but no BTC are reserved for it.

I’m sorry to say this: So far the multitude of bugs I have experienced when using bisq and the lack of resources to appropriately handle support when people loose funds does not instill much trust in using bisq. I will still hang on to see if it betters, but will abstain from recommending it to others.

If you have your seed words, there is nothing to worry about.
No BTC were ever lost in Bisq.

I suggest you rename your data directory to something else and let Bisq create a new one next time it starts. This will start your Bisq fresh, as it is running for the first time. It is likely that your bugs will be fixed this way.

Data directory is at different locations on various operating systems:

  • Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bisq
  • Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Bisq
  • Windows 7,8,10: C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bisq
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Bisq

I have been absent this week, sorry about that, I wasn’t home and I had issues with my laptop. Homrad is also absent now since few days ago and will be until Wednesday, but we are usually there to answer most users questions and help them with their issues.

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Thank you for your response.

But how do I migrate my bank accounts together with their age witness? Just copying over the “AccountAgeWitnessStore” and exporting/importing the accounts does not work (account age = 0 days). I don’t want to start waiting from scratch, since there are almost no orders at fair market prices for the entry-level limit.

Yes, you need to follow these instructions.

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Thank you for providing this info. Will try after my support ticket is closed… arbitrator keo says he closed it, but it still appears open on my side… so could be another bug… :no_mouth: