Edit account info?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to edit my account info (like email address, etc.) without having to create a new account? If the only solution is to create a new account, will my account age start from 0 days again and will I lose my reputation or number of times shown that I’ve interacted with other traders? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yeah, I think you have to create a new account if you want to change the info.

You can create a new account and wait for it to mature while still using the old one though.

There really isn’t any kind of reputation in Bisq, since it is easy to generate trades with yourself. It is only shown to individual traders how much you traded with them specifically and that is based on the onion address and not specific accounts, I think.

Thanks, I was pretty sure that was the case but just wanted to check. Your suggestion about creating an account now and use the old one while it matures is exactly what I’ll be doing.

I understand that it’s not a true reputation system but it is nice to see people I have previously had trades with and how many times. When given a choice between 2 traders, one I’ve had a successful trade with previously, obviously, I’ll chose them again.

Thanks for your reply. New account now created.

@MegaSeth ,
Not 100% sure, but maybe it’s possible to keep your account age using this procedure

I would like to know if the following steps could be a workaround:

  • Copy “Salt for account age verification” of the old account
  • delete the account
  • create a new account with the new “Email or phone no” and place the “Salt for account age verification” previously copied.

Yes. I think this will work.

Let us know how it goes.