Looking for an old post to create new data directory keeping account data

I bookmarked an old post on here how to make a new data directory while keeping your account status but it seems to have been removed (https://bisq.community/t/how-to-switch-to-a-new-data-directory/6753). I need to do this again but don’t remember how. Deleting the old one is the easy part but what do i do next?

Run it with 'Bisq --appName=“something other than Bisq”
This will create a new folder with your new “Identity”.

I dont want a new identity, what im looking for is how to copy over my old identity and accounts to a new lighter data folder. @ManfredKarrer I think it might have been a post of yours if I remember right.

If you want lighter, just erase the old logfiles at first.

It was an updated version of this post:
Switching to a new data directory

reason #3 is what im looking for, after quite some trades it gets slower and there is an increase in trade errors so it is good to clean up once in a while. The newer post Im looking for had an additional section how you can keep your onion address and reputation which i would hate to lose

I think this is what you’re looking for

Indeed, that did the trick. Cheers