Can I send BSQ from my old Bisq data directory?

Can I send BSQ from my old BSQ wallet nr. 1 to my new BSQ wallet nr. 2 after I started with an empty Bisq data directory?

In other words, I want to make a new Bisq data directory and new wallets, then I go back to the old directory and send the BSQ to my new BSQ address. Is that possible?

Yes you can.
For that:

  • carefully copy/paste the receiver address,
  • carefully use enough fees, better put 5 sat/byte more than less
  • better don’t run the 2 applis simultaneously on the same computer. That’s door open for issues.

Be also aware that fees are quite high atm.
So if you transfer small amounts, the fee ratio will be high.

Can I start the appli with the old data directory, send BSQ to the new address, quit the appli, change directory data, start the appli again, receive BSQ (all on the same computer, but not running the 2 applis simultaneously)?

This is a way to proceed.
But don’t mislead with the directories, and take care to well notice the receiver address.

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What can be done, if the fee for withdrawal of BSQ was too low and transaction is still not found after a week?

Mining fees are currently quite low (40 sat/byte right now).
What fees did you use for your tx ?
If it is in the 40 sat/byte zone, it may be processed today.

I used 1 or 2 sat/byte. :blush: For me it’s OK, if it is processed after a month or so.

I had several 1 sat/byte transaction getting confirmed over the last few days. If your transaction didn’t go through yet, something probably went wrong when you sent the BSQ. You should look for the transaction ID on a blockchain explorer. If it doesn’t know the transaction, it probably wasn’t broadcasted properly.

I didn’t get any error message. But the transaction on June 1, 2019 is not found on Blockstream.

It really seems like it didn’t broadcast…
If you hover the transaction’s confirmation circle under “Funds” -> “Transactions”, what does it say?
I wonder if there’s a way to re-broadcast it from Bisq…

“Seen by 0 peers / 0 confirmations”

Well, in that case, I guess the fee estimator underestimated the transaction size and the transaction had a fee less then 1 sat/byte.
The first thing you need to do now is to remove that transaction from your Bisq wallet. I think if you go to “Settings” -> “Network Info” and click on “Delete SPV file and resync”, it should rebuild the whole transaction list from scratch. After this, the transaction should be gone. Then you should set your withdrawal fee to 2 sat/byte and send the BSQ to your new wallet again.

The above advice from @a123b is the right thing to do.
Delete the SPV file and retry, but with enough fee this time !

I used custom value for the fee – 1 or 2 sat/byte. Transaction size was 0.00000415 BTC.
This is the BSQ transaction:

My BSQ wallet is empty now.
I will do the resync.

How much fee do you recommend?

The fee was 0.00000415 BTC. This is only enough for one BSQ input. If you send all of your BSQ inputs at once, the transaction will be larger than just 415 bytes. I had the same thing happen to me recently, I guess the transaction size estimator is just very inaccurate.

As for how much fee you should use, 2 sat/byte was enough for all of my transactions so far. But I also never had more than 2 BSQ outputs in the wallet.
I would just try 2 sat/byte, which will probably work. If it doesn’t, you can always try again with a higher fee.

The custom value proposed by the Bisq appli is never under 10 sat/byte.
And for my personal use, I always add +5 sat/byte to the proposed value. Which is also my advice.

Trying to save some cents just to have txs hanging for hours/days/weeks … thanks, but just no !

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Everything is fine now. Transaction with 10 sat/byte fee was successful. Thank you.

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