Can I set up different Fiat payment accounts?


I’m just starting off and would like to buy some BTC but I noticed that there are no offers in CAD.

Is this normal?

Can I set up different Fiat payment accounts?


I don’t see why you couldn’t set up a US dollar account, or a Euro account, if you’re willing to go through the trouble.

That way, you could switch between the highest volume, hypothetically.


Hi holon, I just started in this crazy crypto-world myself, and am in the same canoe. Where’s the Canadian market! Just wanted to know you are not alone. :fist:


You should both create offers if there aren’t any in your market.
For every trade, someone will have to make an offer first, so it would be a good idea to create the offer if there aren’t any at the moment.

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Thanks! :fist:
I don’t understand why we don’t have more Canadian market.

I tried to create an offer, but you need to already have BTC in your account for the deposit, which I don’t have enough of.

I’m glad to know I can set up US dollar account, or a Euro account.

What troubles would I have if I did?

You always need to have BTC account for a security deposit in order to trade in Bisq.
If you take the offer, you will need to provide BTC for a security deposit as well, even if you are only going to buy bitcoins.

I’ll be providing some orders to the CAD market in the coming weeks.