Can no longer edit offers

Since i upgraded a day ago i noticed i am unable to edit my existing offers.
I usually create offers with a high percentage in advance and properly adjust them to the market later on as the market changes.
Now i’m stuck with a bunch of orders that will never be taken since i’m unable to edit them.
I created some BSQ/BTC orders too, i can edit those just fine, but with others (XXX/BTC) the “Confirm: edit offer” is disabled.
I can’t find anything in the release notes stating this would be changed, what is going on?

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are you on 1.0.0? because that is what was fixed in the v.1.0.1 hotfix

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No, currently running 1.0.1.
Updated from 0.9.8, never used 1.0.0.

ok then any trade made with 0.9.8 had a lower deposit limit which makes them not follow the new rules of v1 and not allowed to be changed. I too had this problem and going back to 0.9.8 will allow you to edit them, or alternatively you can delete them and make new ones in v1