"Can not get signed" bug still happening

Hi, I am a bisq user for many month already I have made sure I had meet all criteria to get signed but bisq wont sign me. I use SEPA only and I only traded with people who are able to sign me.

I have been in contact via keybase with a guy from support for a long time now. I sent log files and reported screenshots and all the data needed to make sure I should be signed by now. He now suggests to try my luck here.

I have been a huge fan of bisq and suggested it to every friend but now as I have to pay much more than needed as I should be signed since december 2020 already and today after I made my 4th trade which should get me signed 100% I am still not signed. There seems to be a bug and I would love to see that fixed.

I would also see the possibility for a mediator or a developer to set my account to signed as it should be in that state for weeks already and it is a huge pain to not get signed cause of a bug and pay more than needed on each trade.

Please help. Thanks.

I have seen a case where the account data (AccountAgeWitness) for a user didn’t get distributed properly so it wasn’t possible to sign that data. One solution for that would be to note down the details of the account (including salt), delete the account and create it again exactly the same. Or just create a new account with the same details but a new salt since the first one didn’t propagate anyway.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I already tried this. Did not help.

Even when creating a new account with a different salt? When doing that, be sure to be well connected. You can DM me on keybase if you want while doing this, I also would like to figure out what the issue is here.