Can not see trade

my latest trade is not listed under portfolio tab.
Most likely related to fact that I had some issue when saving the trade. There was something related to not being able to write to disk. Then I closed the bisq app and re-opened.
Now I only see outgoing BTC transaction but I can not see the trade in portfolio tab.
I have received EUR from the other party but I do not have the possibility to release the funds to other party.
Please help to resolve this!

We need to get arbitrators know of your trade, we just need your trade ID.

There should be your trade ID put under payment reason in your EUR transaction. Otherwise we would need a BTC txid of the deposit, but trade ID should make it easier.

@arbitrator1 @keo

Yes please post trade ID and tx ID of deposit tx and have a look if the trades is under closed/failed trades. If so check the arbitrator onion address and post it as well

Thank You!

trade id is: dfgsqz
txid of the deposit is:

I can not find the trade closed/failed trades. All I have is portfolio->history with some older trades, but this one is not listed. Open trades and open offers is empty.

what are the next steps to resolve this? Please help!

One of the arbitrators should figure out if it is their trade.
Arbitrators are @arbitrator1 and @keo, so we need to wait for them to respond to us :slight_smile:

I don’t have that trade.

Thank You @alexej996, @arbitrator1!

I don’t see this trade either.

Both arbitrators dont have the case. Seems the open dispute message did not arrive. Can you open it again with cmd+o?

Tried going to Pottfolio -> Open trades and hit Ctrl + O -> Open support ticket.
Nothing happened on bisq UI and I got this message in console:
Mar-03 22:27:28.227 [JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR b.d.m.p.p.PendingTradesDataModel: Trade is null
Am I doing this correct?

resolved with help of arbitrator. Thank You!

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