Can we get LEND listed?

Greetings Bisq Community,

This is Martin from ETHLend. Anyone here heard of us?

We’re a decentralized P2P lending platform, securing loans using Ethereum Smart Contracts and using ERC20 tokens as collateral. You can check the project at and feel free to join our Telegram . Thats pretty much where all the action is :slight_smile:

We just had a successful Token Sale and now looking for great exchanges to list our LEND token. Bisq fits that bill. This community has been growing fast and we would like to be part of that.

Let me know how we could get listed here?

Martin Wichmann

One of the best coins out there. They have an awesome product and it deserves the attention.

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You can see requirements and instructions on how to add a new coin in this document:

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Thanks for the instructions, we will take a look and hopefully we can get LEND up there.