Canadian Money Orders in US currency

Hello everyone !
A new to bitsquare and this is my first topic in this forum.
After installing bitsquare, I noticed that most of buying offers require US Money Order payment method.
My question will be, is Canadian Money Orders of issuance in US currency (note 2) fulfill the payment method ? I know for fact, that The CMO in US currency are accepted and can be cashed out at USPS. (Section 371.52)
Even the opposite can be true, If I want to sell BTC to someone in the US, they can buy from me, using International Money Orders (Form MP1).
Are those Payment Methods needs to be added to the software, or it’s something that can’t be implemented, maybe not worth implementing ?




This is interesting. I’d say it should work but I’m not familiar with this whole process.

In general, if you buy BTC with fiat, you should be able to prove that you made the payment. Follow the protocol and you should be fine. It seems to be possible.

You’ll need to try it in the client. I just did and everything seemed fine. If something is missing there (mandatory fields) or looks wrong (you cannot follow the protocol), better come back and make a request or ask here.

Please do your due diligence and act accordingly. I googled a bit and there’s a limit of 700USD for a single money order. Please keep that in mind.

Don’t forget that you can setup offers yourself. Unfortunately volume is still low in Canada and the US, so it might take a while until offers are taken.