Cancel a trade when altcoin address is invalid

In a recent trade, an altcoin buyer provided an invalid wallet address (clearly wrong). There is no point in proceeding with the trade. Should I just let the trade timeout, or attempt to get an arbitrator involved? If the latter, there will be fees right? If the former, the altcoin buyer will be left frustrated not knowing why the order was not fulfilled.

The trade ID is 16438215 in case anyone wants to look into it.

Clearly, the optimal solution is that bisq checks that an address is valid before accepting it.

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Open a dispute by cmd+o or ctrl+o.

No. There is no extra cost in opening a dispute. You already payed the arbitrator fees.

After the dispute is open, will the other guy be able to change the receiving address inside bisq?

As I understand, he messed up the altcoin address where he was to receive his altcoins that he wanted to buy, so no need to change it as the trade won’t happen after the dispute is open, to my understanding. He should be able to receive his security deposit back, if the arbitrator thinks this is no big deal, since the BTC address has to be valid, that is if BTC are returned to where they came from after the successful trade, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to deposit his security deposit in the first place.

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