Cancel Order

I wanted to buy BTC, however, my bank asks for an ID from the recipient, which of course I will not provide. The seller understandably has no interest in it either. We both agree to cancel, however there is nowhere to cancel the trade. What is the correct procedure here?

Thanks in advance for your answers

Hi thanks for the post. Select the trade and click: ‘Ctrl + o’ or ‘alt + o’ or ‘cmd + o’

This will open arbitration.

There might be a small penalty of 10% of the trade amount for not being able to complete the trade / requiring additional ID to complete the trade: Table of penalties - Bisq Wiki

Buyer is asking for selfie, copy of ID of seller, home address.
Buyer loses 10% of the trade amount. Buyer retains the rest of their security deposit. Seller can choose whether to provide or not. *Bisq should incentivize accounts that do not ask for any more information than necessary and penalize users that trade with banks that request more information than necessary.

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Thanks, i will do that.