Cancel trade - mining fee not refunded

I created a trade to buy a small amount of BTC (it was my first transaction so I was playing it safe). For that, I have to transfer the deposit, the Bisq fee, and the mining fee.

After 2 weeks the trade was not taken, so I decided to cancel. Bisq warned me that I would lose the maker fee if I cancel.

After canceling, I have received the deposit back, but I have not recovered the mining fee.

Is that intended? If so, I would suggest updating the warning message.

If I should get the mining fee back, do you know how long it takes after canceling the trade?

Thank you.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 7.13.44 PM

No, you don’t get mining fee back, the mining fee is paid when you make the deposit transaction.


If an offer is cancelled the Bisq trading fees and the mining fees used in this process are not refunded.

This is a protection against spamming the offer book e.g. creating a lot of offers that will never be traded.

However you can have offers open for weeks, month etc. and you can adjust price any time.


Thank you, it is clear now.

I still think the pop-up message should be updated to prevent confusion in the future, as there’s no mention about also losing the mining fee.