Canceled my purchase offer

I created a purchase offer, which after a few hours nobody had accepted. So, I cancelled to make a different one. Now I see .00066 less BTC in my wallet. Sup with that?
Here’s the screenshot - currently that’s about $5.87 USD worth of btc, and I’d like it back, I can go get myself lunch with that! :smiley: Actually, not seeing an option to attach a file…hmmm will try a link somehow…


Creating an offer requires a trading fee to be paid, for spam reasons.
You should have been warned about the loss of the fee when canceling the trade, as the fee was already paid.

yes, there was a warning - but what are my options? Keep it there? I also had to disconnect my laptop for a couple hours…so could I have left it there? Thanks!

Yeah if you shut down your computer and turn it back on, your offer will be online again afaik :slight_smile:

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I made a new buy offer, but there’s a transaction ‘unconfirmed’ now for almost an hour. I’m tempted to cancel this, but afraid I’ll lose another small amount of btc…why is it not confirming?

n/m , it’s finally starting to get some confirmations. Good thing I’m not short on time! :smiley:

dad gum, nobody wants to sell to me? By the time anyone is ready to buy, I’ll have already had to pull my offer due to the price going back up too high. I have TWO purchase offers going now, no takers. And, at what point do I potentially lose my money it cost to post the offers? Hmmmm

Yeah, we could use more users in Bisq to increase the liquidity. Best you can do here is give a good offer so other users have an incentive to take yours.

Cost of posting an offer is just the trading fee, which you pay when the offer is created.
You can keep your offer listed for as long as you want, indefinitely.
When you go offline it will just not show up for other users, but as soon as you get online back again with that client, the offer will be available again.

That’s omly the case with a fixed price. If you use a percentage above the current market it adjusts accordingly, and you can ignore it until a sale happens.

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