Cancelled an open offer and now cant' get my funds back

I cancelled an open offer because my email address changed. then it said I could go to another page to retrieve my funds reserved for the offer, but when I tried it said address is incorrect. What address??? then that page disappeared and I don’t have any idea where those funds are or how to get them back??? ARe they just going to be taken after some amount of time and what is that time?
bisq is very frustrating and confusing.

I believe your funds never left your Bisq wallet’s balance, I understand sometimes the application might confuse you, but when you cancel an open offer, you only lose the trade fee and miner fee, while the reserved deposit amount simply becomes available again.
Did you check the total balance of your wallet and compared it to the balance you had before?

That’s good to know and I hope you’re right. When I canceled the offer it gave me a window to retreve finds, but I don’t remember details. No idea why it would say that if the funds are just auto unlocked anyway. I just figured out how to see my wallet password so I dn’t know what the balance was before. Prob stays the same when funds are locked to an offer because maybe they don’t actually move out of your wallet but I don’t know.

Yes, Bisq wallet is special, in that it has the capability to “reserve” funds for open offers, and can also manage BSQ.
This is why it’s not recommended to load it into another wallet, as you might mess it up.

When you make an offer, the funds are “reserved” until either someone takes that offer (at which points the funds get locked into the trade multisig) or you cancel the offer, and they become “unreserved”.

You can check in Bisq the Funds > Transactions panel, where you should be able to see how the deposit funds never actually left your balance.

There are now 3 “addresses” (wallets?) under “funds” > “send funds” that have a few 100 us$, that are giving the option to send them to another address. But I don’t know waht that is about, where they come from, or whether to send them to the bisq bitcoin wallet.

Also and I don’t know if this is related, IT is not allowing me to add any more offers to buy. No explanation or clue as to why that is happening of course. I just feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall with bisq. I have 4 open trades with sellers I’m trying to trade with zelle and none of their accounts are accepting payment and then they open disuptes that tie up my money. Starting to think bisq with its anon seller names and no feedback may be a scammer’s paradise.
One of them I opened another trade with because I couldnt’ see any indication that it was the same person. so now have 2 dud open trades with that seller and they stopped responding in chat.

I think at least maybe figured out all the “addresses”, they must be just new receive addresses of my bisq btc wallet.

At Funds - Send funds all the addresses with funds in your wallet are displayed. You can send those funds to another BTC address when needed.
Those funds are already in the Bisq wallet, they should sum up the “available” balance in the top right corner of Bisq screen.

If you have 4 open trades, issues with some of them and you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s better not to open new ones.
Try to get proof that you’re unable to send the Zelle transfer because of a fault in the BTC seller’s bank account, and maybe suggest to use another payment method through the mediator, so they know you’re willing to continue with the trade.

One of the traders does seem legit and they are being rejected too. So I think I’m giving up on zelle. IT’s strange that zelle is by far the most popular trading method for sellers, I wonder if that’s mostly scammers trying to get free penalty funds using their dud accounts. Looks like when it fails they offer alt phone number and if that fails I think bisq offers no protection to buyer because it violates the contract. My bank says my account has no issues but zelle does seem weird and maybe it’s much stricter with some banks than others. Anyway time to give up on zelle for me.

I understand the confusion, and at point frustration, that the events are causing; that you tend to think peers are scammers when things don’t go right can be understandable, but the way Bisq works, really, scammers would have a pretty hard time to make things go their way. Remember that a seller will lock 100% of the trade amount plus the security deposit, so they usually have more to lose.

Rules are in place where you shouldn’t arbitrarily change the contracted payment method and account, yes, and that is for good reasons; that’s why mediation exists, so that a trusted middle party can suggest a solution that can satisfy both peers, and that’s why, when something out of your control happens, you should open mediation to have the situation be sorted out, and give all details to the mediator, plus showing proof of what you say by attaching screenshots of trader chat, and/or bank statements, and/or anything else useful.