Cannot buy BSQ

For two days, I’ve been trying to buy BSQ. I always get the following error message:

An error occurred when taking the offer.

Timeout reached. Protocol did not complete in 40 sec.

Please restart your application and check your network connection to see if you can resolve the issue.

I have restarted Bisq many times. Am I doing something wrong? All other trades worked flawlessly so far. Is there a minimum amount of BSQ one needs to buy? Could the issue be that I connect only to my own node?

Nobody else having issues buying BSQ?

This is a know issue where either your Bisq or the maker’s is not in consensus with a seed node, you can check in DAO > network monitor, if you are not in consensus with at least one seed node you can try Settings > Rebuild DAO state from resources, at the bottom, and it might solve it; if the problem lies (also) with the maker (in case your Bisq is in consensus, it is certainly the maker’s) then the only chance is they rebuild their DAO state.
The warning to resync DAO state will be restored in the next release on Bisq to address this.


Perfect. Thank you!

I really appreciate the activity on this forum.

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Hmm… I’m getting this problem all the time. Can I do something about this?

EDIT: This is what I’m getting: “One of your peers is not in consensus with the network but your node is in sync with the seed nodes.” Does that mean I don’t need to do anything?

yes, you don’t need to do anything as you are in consensus… so the problem lies with your peers whom you cannot affect. If you still cannot buy BSQ it’s them who would need to rebuild DAO state

Thank you. I managed to buy BSQ. And I understand the error message. All good now.

I have this error when BSQ is priced negatively, for example -2.00% from the market. I can only buy positively priced BSQ, 0.00% and up

Are you positive it’s because of the negative deviation? It is possible that the issue is the same as above, and it just so happens that the seller placed a negative value… this issue tends to happen usually to offers with best price overall, I think because sellers do not realize they have an issue, and think the problem is actually about the price, so they will lower it progressively thinking they will have more chances at selling.