Cannot click "Payment Started"


I made payment to a peer, but Bisq doesn’t allow me to click “payment started” button. The button is grayed out, inactive and I cannot click it. It states transaction has failed, which is not true - all transactions (maker fee, taker fee, deposit transaction ID) are posted and confirmed on blockchain. I opened a dispute to ask arbitrators to help out but haven’t heard yet.

This is irritating. I noticed someone else had identical issue before.

One thing I have learned so far, after several successful trades, is that whenever I sue Bisq for trade after 4pm ET., the app starts acting in an unpredictable way, producing errors.

It is probably the best that you wait for the arbitrator now.
If he doesn’t respond in 24 hours since you opened a dispute, post his onion address here so we can determine who it is and contact him over the forum.