Cannot confirm payment receive

Upgraded from version 7.0 to 7.1, accepted a BTC sell - Altcoin buy deal, received the altcoins but when trying to confirm payment receipt I get a popup window with message “You need to wait until you’re fully connected to the network. This might take upto 2 minutes …”. Have this message for hours and even restarting three times didn’t help.
Any idea what could be the issue?

Better than restarting (at least at first),
Go in Settings/Network info / and click “Resync SPV chain”.
This often solves network sync issues.

What sort of internet connection do you have ? wifi, cable ?

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Hm, that’s strange. Do you have network issues or problems with Tor? How many BTC nodes you get connected to? That is visible at the left bottom. SPV sync is not required here as that is only in case the Bitcoin wallet has issues. Here you cannot connect to the P2P network.

I don’t know if deleting outdated Tor files from Settings is safe when you have open trades?

If it is and it doesn’t work, looking at logs is always a good idea to get some more information.

There is only the private key file in hiddenservice folder which is relevant. All other files could be deleted but I doubt that this is the reason, though sometimes they get corrupted and cause issues. The key file (onion address) must not be deleted as it would make all offers/trades/disputes invalid and you are not reachable anymore. Only if you don’t have any open offers/trades/disputes you could delete the onion address. I have seen sometimes (very rarely) issues which got resolved after moving to a new onion address. I don’t know the reason but maybe some onion address gets flagged and then being blocked by tor nodes.

Finally I could finish the trade successfully. Looks like network / bandwidth was the issue.

Needed hours until the arbitrators appeared in the menu . Have only one own node connected to avoid bloom filter issue but it’s up and running fine. #of peers was fine as well (8-12). But needed hours until the hidden network services completed (bottom right 1/4 …2/4 … 4/4).
The wifi bandwith is about 1MBit/s and for visiting web pages or this forum no real issue.

When I switched to a fast 4G bandwith all worked as usual, loaded within a few seconds and I could immediately finish the trade. Probably I underestimated the bandwidth the java machine plus the tor connection needs to operate successfully.

Thanks to all for your support!


Yes Tor and the P2P network requires a bit of bandwidth