Cannot "Create new account"

I have version v0.4.9.9
I am trying to add a new account but I can’t, because the “Save new account” button is grey.

It seems to be the same for various payment methods.

There’s an integrated check to verify that you insert ISO standard values.

This prevents accidental mistakes when providing accounts.

When you enter correct Names, IBANs and BICs the ‘Save new account’ button becomes active.

Actually, with SEPA it doesn’t seem to be the case.

I have copied and pasted the name, IBAN and BIC from the bank information and the button is still grey.

You need to make a selection from the ‘Country of bank’ dropdown menu.

the button state gets only updated once u leave the input textfield, so just click somewhere outside then u should get the button activated if all forms are filled (and country is selected)

Thank you. It works now,