Cannot open ticket

Hi all,
My very first trade on bitsquare went south! I have this error :

An error occurred at task: SignAndFinalizePayoutTx
Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

No “Open Ticket” button anywhere, so I did ctrl + O but nothing happens. I don’t know if my ticket was actually opened or not.

Trade ID :

Can you shed some light on this situation? What other information do you need?

bitquare version, operating system, what part of the trade/actions taken when this failed.
i cant help you. but this might be useful for arbitrator

Oh sorry to hear that!
Can you send me the log file (account/backup/button to open the data directory there is the log file). Send me it by PM or email (manfred at bitsquare dot io).
Try to restart and open a dispute again (cmd +o or ctrl + o) when the trade is selected in portfolio/open trades.
No worry the funds are safe, no money at risk.

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Thnks,wait for my email.

Solved, manually and diligently by Mr Manfred. Many thanks.