Cannot Resync DAO State [solved]

I am unable to resync DAO state. I’ve tried several times and it keeps saying “Your local data is not in consensus with at least one seed node. Please resync the DAO state.”

I’ve also tried “Delete SPV file and resync” twice, and it still didn’t work. Any suggestions?


Deleting the SPV file to do a an SPV resync will not help with the DAO state. What you need to do is delete the DaoStateStore file which will cause the DAO resync. It sounds like you already did that and still has a conflict which is pretty strange.

will a fresh installation help?

If you have problems as it is there might be something else that wrong, but perhaps a fresh install would work. Before you try a fresh install, make sure you’re on the latest version, 1.3.4, and then do “Rebuild DAO state from resources” under settings.

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update to latest version plus “Rebuild DAO state from resources.” worked! Thank you very much

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