Cannot send confirmition of money receipt


I am faced with the following error:

An error occurred at task: SignPayoutTx
Exception message: trade.getDepositTx() must not be null

so I cannot send the money receipt confirmation


Seems one of the peers had an old version installed. Do u have v
Please open a dispute by cmd+o or ctrl+o. But no funds have left the wallet. You should see the correct balance at available balance. if it is not as expected u can check with the emergency wallet tool. u can open that with cmd+e or ctrl+e. there u see the full wallet balance. that must match available balance + reserved balance.

I believe the problem is mine since for some strange reason the same offer was listed twice and as I a result I cannot notify the buyer that I have received his money. Is there any way I can open a support ticket ?


U can open a dispute by cmd+o or ctrl+o.