Can't accept offer as a taker

Hey all,

I just tried to accept 3 trades (I wanted to sell BTC) from the order book and everytime I click on the finale “ACCEPT” Button it’s loading ages although it normally takes 2-3 seconds. Then I have to end the applications and if I re-open BISQ it says that the trade failed and I have to contact support if my funds are gone.

Do you know what’s wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey what version of Bisq are you using? It is possible that the trades you were trying to take were no longer available and so they ended up failing. Did any of your trades fail and lock your funds?

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Updated to 1.3 today.
No my funds got transferred to my BISQ wallet immediately and I don’t think that the trades were no longer available because that’s quiet unlikely 3 times in a row. Gonna try it tomorrow again and I’ll update you.

v1.3.1 is out and 1.3.2 is gonna be out shortly which should fix the failed trade problem. This has been a common occurrence with other users ever since the hotfix. So i’d recommend just holding off till 1.3.2 is released in the coming days. :slight_smile:

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Sry - for sure I updated to 1.3.1 today :slight_smile:
Okay I’ll wait. Thanks for your help!

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Somehow, money was sent to my bank account today although the trade is shown as failed (& as stated above, it was shown as failed immediately after i sent the BTC) and I have never confirmed the payment to my account. I am also sure that the BTC I send to the (failed) trade address was credited to my BISQ account and I have already withdrawn the BTC to my account. So basically I scammed either the BTC buyer or BISQ due to a bug. How should I further proceed on this? I don’t want to scam anyone…

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hmmmm, that is very strange, we’ve seen where the trade fails but after updating to a newer version it resolved itself but never in this manner. Can you private message me the TradeID and your Bisq log file. If you prefer you can join our Keybase chat as it’s easier to send files securely :slight_smile: