Can't connect to localhost fullnode

After starting bisq, it hangs just after I type my password. It looks like I’m getting an alert of some kind…saying I need to upgrade. Here’s the section from the log:

Apr-23 14:04:38.723 [PeerGroup Thread] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Attempting connection to []:8333     (0 connected, 1 pending, 1 max)
Apr-23 14:04:38.731 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.n.NioClientManager: Connected to / 
Apr-23 14:04:38.731 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.core.Peer: Announcing to / as: /bitcoinj:0.14.4/Bisq:0.6.7/ 
Apr-23 14:04:38.734 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.core.Peer: []:8333: Got version=70015, subVer='/Satoshi:0.16.0/', services=0x1037, time=2018-04-23 14:04:38, blocks=519618 
Apr-23 14:04:38.744 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: []:8333: New peer      (1 connected, 0 pending, 1 max) 
Apr-23 14:04:38.745 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Setting download peer: []:8333 
Apr-23 14:04:38.745 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.l.DownloadProgressTracker: Chain download switched to []:8333 
Apr-23 14:04:38.746 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.core.Peer: Received alert from peer []:8333: URGENT: Alert key compromised, upgrade required 
Apr-23 14:04:38.759 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.core.Peer: Passed the fast catchup time (2017-11-07T20:37:27Z) at height 493519, discarding 2000 headers and requesting full blocks 
Apr-23 14:04:38.767 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: []:8333: Peer died      (0 connected, 0 pending, 1 max) 
Apr-23 14:04:38.767 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Download peer died. Picking a new one. 
Apr-23 14:04:38.767 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Unsetting download peer: []:8333

Anyone know why my bitcoind is complaining?


I don’t think that alert is anything unusual or useful.
Does Bisq work correctly when you don’t run a local node?

Yes, but once I start my node, it drops the other connections and tries (and fails) to connect to

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It is supposed to drop connections to other nodes, when a local node is available.
I am not sure why it fails though. Quite odd.

Seems you have some local Bitcoin node running but it does not accept connections.

I’m also running a lightning node (lnd) that uses my local node as a backend. Maybe lnd doesn’t want to share… I’ll experiment and see if I can narrow it down.