Can't find Interac e-transfer account signers

Hi. New to Bisq here but trying to grow as a trader and I think Bisq is the way of the future.

Big thanx to all the dev’s and egg heads behind this project

I created an Interac payment account and I am trying to find someone with a signed Interac account to trade with so that my account can get signed. But I am unable to find anyone with a signed Interac account to sign mine.

Is there an other way I can get my payment account signed?

The only way is to be signed by other traders.

I changed the title of this post to reflect that there’s no issue with account signing process, but lack of signers.

Actually there is a deeper problem than simply not enough signed accounts. See here:

It appears some formerly signed Interac accounts have become unsigned and like in my case, people trying to get their account signed are getting nowhere.

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