Can't Find My ETH

I traded some BTC for ETH & saved it in BISQ. I want to send ETH to an external wallet but although I have the ETH address, I don’t know where to find it in BISQ.

afaik, Bisq manages only the BTC wallet.

In order to manage your ETH, you must have your own ETH software wallet.

I did want to withdraw to an external wallet but did not see the field to enter an external wallet address. I can see my ETH on the Blockchain, how do I move it to my external wallet?

afaik, there is nothing as a ETH Bisq internal wallet. So no ETH to withdraw from Bisq to an external wallet.
If you have an ETH address, then you just do what you want with it with an ETH software wallet.

Bisq makes available for users a BTC wallet, in order to realize transaction with fiat and altcoins.
BTC is Bisq’s base currency. (The pivotal currency).
But Bisq doesn’t manage the wallets for the dozens of listed altcoins. (Would just be impossible, Bisq lists ~20 new altcoins on each new release).

OK makes sense, thanks for the info. Could someone grab the address from my Blockchain search & move the ETH to their wallet?

When you created an altcoin account for ETH in Bisq, to trade BTC to ETH, what address did you put in it?

It’s all coming back to me now, I put in an address from my Edge wallet & that’s where the ETH is.

Thanks for your help, all these accounts, user names, passwords, seed phrases, pins, wallets, alt coins etc. has got my brain spinning.

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I’m glad we figured it out :blush: