Can't install Bisq in Qubes/Debian 10

Hi, I am following the guide Running Bisq on Qubes - Bisq Wiki
This is not my first time installing Bisq in Qubes - Debian 10, I installed version 1.6.0 a few months ago without any issue following it step by step.
But now since version 1.7.1 is mandatory, and I can’t use anymore 1.60, I tried doing a fresh clean install in a new qube.

I installed it succesfully without any problem, but when following the last step and it tells me to start it (Bisq can be started by running /opt/bisq/bin/Bisq in the bisq-vm qube. ) I double click the “Bisq” file (9mb size) and I get this error:
“Could not display “Bisq”
There is no application installed for “shared library” files”

I tried opening it with “Run Software”, but nothing happens.
What should I do?

It does not return any error when applying the command sudo dpkg -i Bisq-64bit-1.7.1.deb it installs succesfully.

Since official instructions not working anymore, I would:

  • build a template vm just for Bisq based on debian-10-minimal template can download from Qubes Minimal templates | Qubes OS
  • add to it only what is needed - networking and tor, probably enough Minimal templates | Qubes OS
  • start that template in a root terminal
  • try to install bisq in that template
  • create a new Bisq appVM qube based on that template and start Bisq there.

I think that might be safer anyway than binding bisq program directories; as i understand it, binding them makes them susceptible to changes that persist, which defeats the purpose of having templates.