Can't install, getting a missing jvm.dll error

I accidentally installed the 32 bit exe on windows 7 64 bit which did however work but advised me to install the 64 bit version as soon as it opened. I proceeded to install that one instead but then got this error and the program won’t open.

Seems like a general problem too me, about running 64 bit Java applications, maybe you just need to install Java using a 64 bit installation and do a restart ofc, as you always should as a first troubleshooting effort.

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You probably need to remove the application files (not the application data directory where the wallet and data base is in!)

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Agree, maybe just un-installing / deleting the whole thing, restarting the computer and installing a 64 bit version from fresh will do the trick.

If something is wrong with your dll file then you just download JVM.DLL file without any payment.