Can't Log into Bisq

Hi. I’m new to Bisq and am running it on Windows 10. About a week ago, I had my account up and deposited some BTC. Today, I can’t get it to log in on Tor. I’m getting an error message of: java.lang.NullPointerException
I downloaded java runtime and tried again and still got the same error message.
Please help. Thanks!

Probably the easiest solution would be to move your data directory somewhere else and start Bisq from scratch.

Later you can just restore your wallet from seed words.

Meaning to put my data directory on a data stick, delete the data directory off the computer, log into Bisq as if for the first time, and then load my data directory into Bisq?

Your way of doing is ok.
But there is no need to delete the data directory. Just rename it.

The procedure is well described here:

Thanks for your help. I’ve done a post similar to this in r/bisq. I’ve read Manfred Karrer’s article, “How to Switch to a New Data Directory.” No doubt, you guys are going to think I’m batty, but I feel a need to state the following:

Born extremely right-brained (artistic) and somewhat handicapped in left-brain functions (logic, math, and such), it would take me months of struggling to learn about things such as hidden service folders, multiple instances, and program arguments. People with natural abilities in left-brain activities will never understand how artistically-oriented people “can’t get it." Believe me, we can’t.

So … I’m sticking with Windows. If java is not needed to run Bisq, what I’m planning to do is to reset this new BTC-dedicated computer to factory-issue Windows, keep java off the computer, start a new Bisq account, and use my wallet seed to recover my wallet.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you download the Bisq client as an executable via the download page (as 99% of users do), java is not needed. The Bisq client is self-sufficient to work.

It is only if you want to build the Bisq client from the sources that you need to worry about java issues.

I assume that you are not building from the sources (?)

btw, if you truly intend to have a BTC-dedicated computer, it is strongly suggested to use also a Linux OS.
Windows has really many issues when it comes to handling cryptos.

You don’t need to have any special logic skills to use Linux. It is as user friendly as any other system.

Fun fact: Android is also one of Linux distros

Months ago I had managed to download Linux Ubuntu which appeared to be running well but I could not get any of my preferred browsers or softwares (Linux-based softwares of course) to show their presence after downloading. Every help source gave different instructions of how to do this of which none I could make work.
If I’m going to seriously get into crypto, I should take your advice and take the time to learn Linux.
As cryptos have so many problems on Windows and every distro of Linux continues to change and branch off faster than the average Joe can or is willing to keep up, this does not bode well for the adoption of crypto to mainstream.

Maybe Lineage OS?
Avoiding Google, Chrome, and standard Firefox as much as is possible appears to be a good thing. I had looked into Linux on Android and found Lineage OS and considered it, but, best that I could tell, the bugs have yet to be worked out - but I could be wrong on this. Any thoughts?

Yeah, that is the main issue people have with switching operating systems. Using all the old software that worked on Windows isn’t always easy. Maybe it is easier to just switch to something already installed on your Linux distro.