Cant post New offer because bitcoinaverage is wrong!

Hi, im trying to post a new offer to sell BTC in the VEF currency, but I CANT. Because the price in bitcoinaverage isnt the real price in the market in VEF, so when i set the price per BTC it says cant post an offer more than 20% of bitcoinaverage price…

Is there a way to post an offer without this limitation? i cant post because the bitcoinaverageprice is WRONG


The price in Bitsquare is deaulft displayed in Altcoin/BTC, other exchanges use the other way round. You can switch by click the icon next the market price then you get the inverted price. I assume that is the reason why you get that message. In the offer forms you need to use the Altcoin/BTC version (it is planned to change that in future).
E.g. ETH/BTC -> 50
BTC/ETH -> 0.02
U need to use 50 in the offer form even u switched the market price display.