Can't proceed with payment

I’ve already used Bisq as a buyer successfully many times, unfortunately this time I’m stuck cos the bank account I use to normally pay to my surprise happens to have some monthly limits so I cannot proceed to a very small SEPA payment that i intended to do (500 euros).

The exchange is open now and I have 4 days to complete the payment, but unfortunately I can’t manage to change the limits of my bank account in such limited time span.

My question is, what does it happen if I don’t pay? there is a way that I can just abort the operation without having sanction or losing money?


Firstly I would reach out to the bank to let them know you would like to make a payment but did not realize you were at your limit. They might make an exception.

I would also recommend letting the seller know as soon as possible. If you can make payment an alternative way see if they would be agreeable to this by getting them to confirm it in trader chat with you.

If you do not pay you risk losing some of your security deposit.

Good communication with the seller is crucial to ensuring the most positive outcome for all.

Thanks for the very fast answer Pazza.

I don’t risk anything making the payment trough a different account? Is it enough to show as proof eventually the log of the chat in case the seller agrees?

No problems. Happy to help.

If the seller agrees you can select the trade and click: ‘Ctrl + o’ or ‘alt + o’ or ‘cmd + o’.

This will open mediation and the seller and yourself can confirm the agreement to fund the trade from another account.

Thanks a lot, I will try to chat with the seller.

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