Can't Remove Buy Offer

Remove Offer Failed Msg - tried many many times, restored backup… nothing works !
Can someone remove the open offer… and send me back the .03 BTC ?

The funds never left your address in the first place. They are just reserved for it in the program, as it waits for the other trader to make a multisig with and lock them, but while the offer isn’t taken those coins are still on your wallet.

You can use the emergency wallet tool with cmd+e or even export your private keys with alt+j, but I believe that you should make a new data directory after you export the private keys and start over with Bisq.

You could also wait for one of the devs to answer you here, since your funds are in no danger, you can just wait for them to maybe advise you on what would be the best solution here.

Thanks !

That worked on getting my funds out.
To reinstall BISQ fresh install, do you know what all I need to delete? besides the ‘Win 10 Remove Program step’?

Thanks again

You need to delete a data directory as well. I believe it is located at “C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bisq” on Windows 10.

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