Cant scroll giant pop up that always come up, help!

When I try to create a new national currency account I click on save account and a notification comes up. First of all it still has it down as me having no accounts.

Secondly and perhaps most importantly this popup comes up in all kinds of scenerios and is too big to see everything on there, except once when I out of desperation hit a bunch of keys I was able to see to the end, and I am sure this popup has some kind of confirmation of actions like creating a new account, how do you scroll through this fuckin popup, excuse my french.

Hi @heaven93 thanks for the post. What screen resolution are you using. Bisq is designed for a min screen resolution of 1020 x 620

Something like 1920 x 1080.

Thanks for letting me know. I would recommend opening a new issue here to describe your problem so one of the devs can take a look: Issues · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub