Can't spend BISQ

I bought BSQ a few weeks ago but I can’t use then because I always get the same message:

You’ll need more BSQ to do this transaction—the last 5.46 BSQ in your wallet cannot be used to pay trade fees because of dust limits in the Bitcoin protocol.

You can either buy more BSQ or pay trade fees with BTC.

Missing funds: 0.05 BSQ

They appear as available for spending in my bisq wallet.

There’s also this weird message that may have something to do with it, or not:

Your node is in consensus with the seed nodes. Some of your peers are not in consensus.

Anyone could give me some light? Regards

This is the issue, you have too small a utxo. The last (up to) 5.46BSQ in your wallet will effectively be unspendable, you need to buy a larger amount and consolidate them.
For example, do a swap for 10BSQ, and then send 15.43BSQ to yourself so you consolidate into a larger utxo where those 5.43 have been merged with.
If I wasn’t clear enough, please ask again

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Humm ok, I guess I got it now. Will try that later. Thanks.