Can't synchronize DAO

I upgraded and deleted hiddenservices directory to get new tor address and now Bisq won’t start. I see a message that “there was a problem with synchronizing the DAO state” and tha pplication must shut down and restart. Same message on restart. If works if I restore old hiddenservices


Problem Solved.

Since I could not find info online, here is info for anyone searching this error.

  1. Bisq would not let me in with new v3 hiddenservices folder
  2. Had to reload backup tor v2 hiddenservices folder
  3. after about 20 min, bisq failed with same DAO message
  4. In settings/preferences I clicked “rebuild dao state from resources” That took just a few seconds compared to 20 min for failure.
  5. Restarted
  6. deleted v2 hiddenservices
  7. restarted again and is seems to be working
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Glad it is sorted. Thanks for posting the fix.