Can't take an offer of (same bank)



1- Someone posted an offer to sell btc for (Same bank). The bank name is (Banco do Brasil)
2- I have an account on Bitsquare (National bank transfer) of the same bank of the user above, (Banco do Brasil)
3- I can’t take the offer of the user, because he created the offer with the account (Same bank), and I created the account with (National Bank transfer). But the bank are the same.

I think if I have a Bitsquare account (National Bank transfer) with the same bank of an user that created an offer with (Same bank), I should be able to take the offer. Why I need to create a new account (same bank)? Doesn’t make sense.


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HI, bitsquare team!

I affirm this post and would like to ask bitsquare to consider implementing some feature which allow two pairs (even the trade type is “national bank transfer” or “same bank”) to trade to each other when the bank name matches.

This special case occurs often for brazilian trading pairs.

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Yes that is a known issue and as soon I have a UI developer working on the payment methods we will fix that.

Yes we are aware of that and it is on the todo list. Just missing dev resources atm…

I created a bank account in both “national bank transfer” and “same bank and” still can’t accept an offer from someone in the bank of brazil, bisq informs that I have to create the account. But I already created in both methods. It is a bug. Can anyone solve?