Can't withdraw!

Dear community

any idea how I can withdraw to an external wallet? I have picked the option to include the mining fee. I get this error every time I try to withdraw. The withdraw address is native segwit but I have done this in the past I am pretty sure with no issues. I have the latest bisq software.

bisq.core.btc.exceptions.AddressEntryException: No Addresses for withdraw found in our wallet


the error you report is relative to bisq’s own wallet.
You are supposed to select the checkbox corresponding to the address containing the utxo you want to withdraw, in the upper side of that panel

thank you so much!! completely missed that. I really appreciate it.

I have the same problem of course. How on earth am I supposed to add addresses to the panel? Of course, the address I want to withdraw to is not there.

I replied to you in the other thread, but see solution in this topic as well, it’s the same