Cash app refunding my payment for my protection

This was my first use of Bisq. I am trying to send a payment to seller of BTC through cash app. However cash app sends the payment and immediately refunds payment stating “for my protection”. I have tried several times and still does the same. I have emailed support of cash app.
Glad I have not clicked on payment started button and I have 22 hours left for the trade.

Anyone has experience with cash app in order to prevent this for future users.

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UPDATE I just received an email back from Cash App support.
They want me to provide senders phone number/email address from me and from receiver as well as transaction ID/date; etc. in order to send funds to seller.
I do not have an email /phone number of receiver; only his $Cashtag.
What will happen if I am unable to send payment? As I stated earlier I have not clicked on Payment Started Link.

Please open a dispute by selecting the trade and pressing cmd+o. Tell the arbitrator all the details and he will decide how to deal with it.

Cashapp is new so we have no experience so far. But if such happens more often we either need to remove it again or add the required data fields to the account data. On their webpage they never stated that such extra data is required.

@cbeams @keo Ping…

Thank you Manfred. I just proceeded with your suggestion. I have to congratulate you and the team for Bisq. I really hope descentralized exchanges work. Unfortunately in this case a centralized entity is blocking the effort. Have a great day and thank you for the reply.

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Yes the interaction with the banks is the most difficult challenge with Bisq. Would love to find alternative payment methods without banks, but beside cash by mail and F2F there is no serious solution :frowning:

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I am posting my reply to arbitrator (as suggested by arbitrator) in order to perhaps help other users of Square Cash App
In order to send payment through cash app I enter the receivers $cashtag and it sends the transaction. I get a warning that he is not in my contacts. If ok to proceed. I agree and click send. I send the transaction and funds are withdrawn (you can see it in balance) however around 10 seconds later the transaction is reversed immediately and balance returns. I receive at the same time an email and in-app notification that for my protection transaction has been reversed. ( I tried 3 times and same result). I emailed support about transaction. They stated in order to look into transaction they require email address and phone number of receiver.
Its possible that receiver does not have a phone number or email associated with his account and for that reason the transaction was reversed; I am unsure since I dont have acces to that information; I do have on my end an associated email and phone number plus debit card information.
I guess an inquiry could be made to the user and other users of the app that had succesful transactions.

Thanks for the heads-up, @ManfredKarrer.

We’ll have to see how common this is, and as you mention, we can add the extra fields if necessary.

In the meantime, this sounds like something we can always work out in arbitration. When users experience this problem, they should just immediately hit CMD-O in Bisq and open a dispute. Then they can work with the arbitrator to ask the seller if they’re willing to release their name / phone number etc. to the buyer. If so, the parties can settle the trade and the arbitrator can close it out normally. If not, the arbitrator can cancel the trade as a no-fault dispute.


First time user trying to conduct a transaction via Cash App.

I’m running into this same problem.

1st Email from Square (Automated):

Hi ,

Thanks for contacting us, sorry to hear you’re having issues. So that we can be of further assistance, please provide as much of the following information as you can (if applicable):

  • Your $Cashtag

  • Sender’s phone number or email address

  • Recipient’s phone number or email address

  • Identifier of the transaction (which can be found in your app activity)

  • Date of the transaction you’re inquiring about

Once we receive this information, we’ll be able to investigate further. Thanks for your help!

I then supplied the requested information to them, here is what they responded with.

2nd Email:

My name is XXX, and I’ll help get things squared away for you. I’m so sorry for the trouble this failed payment caused!

For security purposes, Cash App transactions are subject to review and occasionally a transaction is returned to the sender. Possible reasons for a returned payment include, but are not limited to, violations of our terms of service or other high-risk activity.

However, if you believe you are operating within Square’s Cash Terms of Service, you can resubmit your transaction, and if you’re still experiencing issues, let me know and I can investigate this further!

I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience this failed payment caused, XXX, and thank you so much for understanding! In the meantime, if there’s anything else I can help you with, feel free to reply to this email, or check out our Support Center. I’ll gladly assist however I can!

Best wishes,
Cash App Customer Success

I’ve scanned their ToS to dig up any relevant information. I pray that the developers reviewed these ToS prior to adding the Cash App (or other apps like Venmo) to Bisq.

This was interesting:

7. P2P Payment Amounts

Additional identification information will be required to send more than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) in any one transaction or in multiple transactions over any rolling seven (7) day period or to receive more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) in any trailing thirty (30) day period. Senders may not send more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) in any one transaction or in multiple transactions over any rolling seven (7) day period. We may adjust these limits at any time in our reasonable discretion. Current limits are posted on our Support Center.

So, using the transaction limits for new accounts in Bisq (.04 BTC) definitely goes over the Cash App limits as stated above.

Here are some further details:

3. Default Funding Sources
When you make a Cash App payment:

  1. If you have funds in your Cash App that can cover your full transaction, and no credit card linked, your default funding source will be the funds held in your Cash

  2. If you have a credit card linked and hold funds in your Cash App that can cover your full transaction, you will be prompted to select your preferred funding

  3. If the funds in your Cash App will not cover your full transaction, the Service will use the Eligible Transaction Account you have designated as your primary funding source to make the full payment.

Kind of vague:

4. Limitations

Square may limit the funding sources available for your use for a specific transaction to reduce risk.

Each funding source will have different dispute resolution rights and procedures in the event your transaction turns out to be unsatisfactory. Your dispute resolution rights are determined by the funding source used to fund your transaction.

I just tried to push the transaction through again via the app as per the Square representative’s instructions and it failed.


I’ve messaged the arbitrator and sent him/her screenshots of the email and error messages.

Thoughts so far:

  • I want to believe in cryptocurrency as a means of storage and exchange (and not as a trade commodity for the wealthy)
  • It’s so difficult to acquire BTC with any sort of privacy outside of F2F transactions.
  • I like the idea of Cash & Venmo as they are proven/reputable tools. Albeit, they are also a choke point (remember when the banks quietly reclassified BTC purchases as cash advances? Cool right?)
  • Money orders, Western Union, and ACH direct transactions scare me
  • I’m spending way more time and effort on this problem for what exactly? I love to g33k out on this stuff, but it’s not exactly keeping the lights on in the house…not at my level at least.
  • If anything glean from this little (expensive) experiment is this: We’re not ready for prime time yet. But, this really rests on the current economic system and model—the institutions that are in place.

There are some good points in this article that resonated:

You can argue, too, that cryptocurrency is a boon to people living under repressive regimes—a Swiss bank account for the smartphone-clutching masses.

What Bitcoin actually accomplished is the financialization of a few genuinely joyous ideas. Shrug away the exchange rate, and you have a set of technologies that, for one, allows you to…


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@cbeams @keo If the issue becomes a bigger problem we might need to make a update release. But will be not trivial how to deal with existing accounts vs. new accounts with additional fields…

 I, too, am having the same issue. However, at first I was able to send money through this app to my third party, but now as of 28May2018 I am no longer able to do so. I cannot even send $10 everything gets denied and I receive an email saying, "for your protection...." This is very frustrating since, I was just able to use the app and within a few hours everything began to get declined. I have even emailed the cash app employees, however, I do wish there was a way to call for costumer service out of convenience, especially when you're dealing with something like money.
  From 05May2018 to the 24May2018 all of my transactions had been accepted. When on the 28May2018 I tried to sent a lump sum of cash, &150, my transactions began to decline, in result I tried to send $75 then $50 and finally being successful at $10. However, at this time my third party contacted me and said that now they were having him confirm the payments, which was something new since we had been using the for almost a month to date. Then after only six set of $10 went through, all actions became refunds "for my protection".....At that time I went to bank to ensure they weren't blocking my transactions and it showed that Bisq was reversing all of my payments/transactions. From there I was told to contact cash app employees and I've discovered so far only one means of contact which is via email or I'm guessing this site as well.
 Hopefully, this information will help you pin point the problem and why it keeps "crashing". Thank you, I do intend to continue using this app once its up and running faithfully. Thank you, please keep in touch.

CashApp (and Venmo) can no longer be used in Bisq. They were recently blocked as they caused serious trouble. You can read more about it here

On August 23rd I attempted to cash out 47 dollars the app asked me for a pin which it never did before. I entered the pin and an invalid code came up telling me to contact my bank. I contacted cash app and the rep confirmed that I was the owner of the account. I was sent a link via text to change my pin. I cashed out the 47 dollars. A hour later 320 dollars is sent to me. I attempt to cash out and the same thing happens to me. I call the number back and as I am talking to the rep 500 dollars is snatched from my account along with the 320 that was waiting to be cashed out. I tell the rep to unlink my account and refund me my money. The rep tells me the only way to get my money back is to purchase a google antitheft card and give him the code off the card. I am disputing the 500 dollars with my bank unfortunately I am not sure how to dispute the 320 dollars that was waiting to be cashed out. If anyone has a solution I am listening.

WTH is a

google antitheft card

Under the usual pretext of safety,
it’s one more collar with a key to put on our necks.

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I have gotten the same now today I send to a friend twice and I want to send now and it failed my payment for protection am I able to keep sending or how does it work cus I need to send my friend money

I have cash app and I try sending money I did twice already but I went to send now and it said failed and for protection can I keep sending money or is a limit a day how dose that work

Problems that you are experiencing with Cash App has nothing to do with Bisq.
You can’t use Cash App with Bisq anymore. It was removed as soon as we got reports of chargebacks. I don’t think devs can help you with this.