Cash By Mail - Where is address of recipient?

I accepted a cash by mail option. The seller holds bitcoins. I am sending them cash. However, where is the address of the seller on Bisq?

once you have taken the offer, and the deposit tx has been confirmed in a block, the trade window will automatically show you the name and full address of the seller, together with any notes they have set for the payment method

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Thanks for the reply. The block is confirmed and Bisq is not showing me the name and address of the seller. I have version 1.8.2. I also see no way of requesting mediation. Seller is not responding.

I just started my testing environment VM (granted it’s 1.8.3 but nothing was really changed about CBM from 1.8.2) and as soon as the first confirmation was reached, under Portfolio > Open trades, selecting the CBM trade will show a series of dialogues containing “Amount”, “Full name”, “Postal address” and “Additional information”.
You should be able to see the same details by clicking the (i) next to trade id

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In any case, opening mediation is possible anytime by pressing Ctrl-O inside trade view.
You can send me a screenshot of the trade window in a DM over at if you want, I’ll be online for a short while still

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Trade needs to be on step 2 to show payment details. Maybe Bisq did not find that the deposit tx was confirmed, in that case, a backup and a spv resync should get the trade onto the correct step.