Cash by mail?

I know there’s been some discussion about adding support for cash by mail in the past. Just wanted to a) express my own support for this feature b) inquire about the status of adding this feature, if it’s under consideration. Is “cash by mail” a feature in the queue for future development?

I realize that cash by mail is a riskier payment method that’s more difficult to arbitrate if there’s a dispute. From my perspective, I’m willing to take greater risk in exchange for more privacy. Another use case is selling to friends and family with whom I already have a trusted relationship.

Note that this is already an option at several other exchanges/companies:

I don’t believe that this is being currently looked into seriously.
I believe an arbitrator can’t really do much here and that is the main feature of Bisq.
Without arbitration, I don’t see why there would be a reason for Bisq.

Perhaps it would be nice for Bisq to offer multiple services, but for now I believe the focus is in offering what isn’t offer anywhere else and that is trustless fiat <-> crypto trading.
I guess you can trade with people you trust without using Bisq or any other app, since there is trust between you. And for reaching more people you would need some kind of reputation system, which is difficult to implement in a decentralized way.

I think it’s too early for experiments in Bisq.

Arbitrators are needed for any trade, and they are put into a bad position when neither trader can actually sufficiently prove their side.

I believe most cash-by-mail trades wouldn’t cause problems. In my experience, users of Bisq are an exceptionally good bunch. The problem is, up until now it’s a requirement for adding payment methods that fiat transfers can be proven.

That doesn’t mean it will never be added, I just assume it’s towards the end of the priority list.

Thanks for the responses.

Without arbitration, I don’t see why there would be a reason for Bisq.

To my mind, arbitration is an important feature, but bisq also provides the following services:

a. matches willing buyers with willing sellers
b. secures the privacy of buyer and seller from tracking and censorship
c. facilitates trades by keeping track of the state of the trade, current price feeds, etc.

Many of those attracted to bisq value privacy, and cash by mail, and cash exchange in person are the best ways to maintain one’s privacy.

How many people would have to request this feature before it became a development priority?

Yes, I agree on those points, but if the trade itself requires trust then there is no way for Bisq to match you with the other trader that can be trusted. You would have to find a trusted trader outside of Bisq, as Bisq doesn’t (and will not have soon) a reputation system as it is decentralized.

It would be nice to have all at the same place, but this would definitely not fit with other payment methods and might cause confusion in Bisq users. Last thing we would all want is for people to interpret lack of security for this payment method with the rest of secure ones. It just seems like it would paint a different picture in users minds.

Nobody can answer you that. In the end, if devs don’t want to work on this, they can simply refuse.