Cash Deposit, details do not match

I have an open cash deposit trade (to buy) and went to the bank to make the payment. However at the bank the teller told me the name and account details given to me do not match (specifically, the name is wrong). I did not make the payment and am unsure how to proceed at this point. Do I have to wait until the trade times out? Is there anyway for me to contact my trade partner or an arbitrator so we can resolve this before the timeout? Thanks

I opened a dispute on the trade (saw in another thread). Hope this a legit use of dispute!

IMO You made the right choice opening the dispute but you should get some evidence proving that you went to the bank and the account was on a different name.

If you don’t mind, feed my curiosity: Which payment zone are we talking about?

Might be hard for me to prove I went to the bank. Not sure what I can say to the bank, they will not give me any details of the account because it’s not mine. I’m in the UK.

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Yes that is the right decision. If the bank details specially the name is not correct you should not do the transfer.

I have a similar occasion.

My offer to sell BTC was accepted today. The buyer made the deposit and I can see it in my account. The reference is correct, but I cannot check the name of the account from which the deposit was made (or the name of the account holder from which the deposit was made). The only transaction detail I can see is the reference.

Since the deposit seems valid, why should I open a dispute? I still have almost four days remaining time and I intend to wait until tomorrow before I verify the deposit just to be sure that there aren’t any nasty surprises.

If your bank does not display the info (too hard for some banks with their 70s IT infrastructure) we cannot do anything. So lets assume all is ok. Only if you see another name or IBAN then open a dispute.

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