Cash Deposit Trade Limit

Are the rate of chargebacks posted somewhere (how frequently chargebacks occur for a given trade method)? Are there any plans to increase fiat trade limits beyond those currently in force? I know the number of trades are unlimited but are the current limits for Cash Deposits warranted? Specifically I’m talking about Credit Union Co-op transactions.


We had never a chargeback on SEPA before mid of April 2019. On Zelle there have been 2 or 3 cases over the past 3 years. On Interac we had also recently 2 or 3 cases (probably same scammer as on SEPA). With those scams in April (total damage was about 11 000 EUR) we introduced the current limitations for new accounts when they buy BTC to 0.01 BTC for those payment methods where chargeback is a risk. With cash deposit has never been a case but it is also considered to not be risk free.

Forgive me, what is SEPA? It would be nice to able to buy more than 0.25 BTC at a time with a fully mature account.

On another note, how do I view the information from the initial window pop up after starting a trade? If I remember, it said that it could be accessed later from the trade information screen but I can’t seem to find that set of information from the Step 2 Start Payment screen.


SEPA is use in EU for bank transfers. The trade limits will not be increased as this is a basic protection against different types of scams. You can do as many trades as you like, just one trade it limited. The trade details are visible if you click the trade ID.

Don’t use BISQ as long as there is a 0.01 BTC limit if you want to buy bigger sums.

Buying 0.01 BTC from a bunch of different people in other countries is an excellent way of having your bank account shut down for “suspicous activity” / money laundering.

Use something else until BISQ works again.

So bisq is not great for significant amounts in anonymity? I can trade in small bits but not large sums, at least without raising red flags it seems.

The 0.01 BTC limit is for bank transfers and it’s temporary. A measure is being developed to raise those limits:

I don’t know why Cash Deposit limit is 0.0625. It seems like a very safe payment method. Well its something to which a change can be proposed…

What @GOran said has more to do with banks than with Bisq. A pattern of receiving money from different accounts outside your country may look suspicious from the point of view of the bank. So if your trades are all inside your national border you won’t display such pattern.